Performance Improvement

Some of our most popular consulting services for performance improvement are...

  • Strategic Planning & Direction – Using proven systematic process for strategic planning taken from the national criteria for excellence, we facilitate a team of the client’s personnel, typically 5 to 30 people.  We help the team lean and execute the process of plan development and deployment, gathering available date, facts and information from management, customers, suppliers, stakeholders and key employees.  We help the team determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and prioritize direction.  Lastly we help the team to assign resources to key tasks and define measures of success.  All of this is captured and reduced to a functional Strategic Plan.
  • Collaborative Assessment - We lead the collective management team though a self assessment to the appropriate Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria. As experienced global examiners and practitioners of performance excellence, we are able to facilitate interactive workshops which get at the truth relative to the organizations Opportunities For Improvement. The gaps are the "whats" that need to be solved to move the organization to a new level of performance. Participants will do 4-6 hours of independent advanced preparation to maximize learning and to provide important input to the collaborative. Clients receive a comprehensive feedback report along with recommendations from the examiners experienced in delivering results.
  • Problem Analysis & Gap Closure - Using the clients prioritized top gaps from the collaborative process, we provide the jump start to successful gap closure through our Gap Analysis module. Successful gap closure depends on understanding the "whys" behind the gap. Time simply invested in training people on the "hows" is often wasted because proper prioritization, alignment, and analysis is not understood or performed. ERI provides a unique and systematic close loop follow up process to ensure Gap Analysis is completed before trial Gap Closure solutions are put in place. This method provides superior outcomes for the time and resources invested by our client.
  • Leadership For Change - We help our clients develop a "Critical Mass" and a "Guiding Coalition" necessary to transform the client's organization into a high performance culture. Our approach recognizes that people learn in a variety of ways and some new cultural language terms are necessary to change or effect the culture. Our material draws upon leading edge research and decades of personal experience applying theory to real world applications.
  • High Performance Consulting - Our work is defined and linked to real results our customer wants to achieve, and not just to activities the consultant likes to perform. All ERI workshops and consulting are aimed at helping our clients develop self sufficiency.